Code 3’s Antimicrobial Light: An Illuminated Germ Fighter

Safer Disinfection Solution vs. UVC Devices

Code 3’s Antimicrobial Light: An Illuminated Germ Fighter

Code 3’s Antimicrobial Light is back and ready to fight bacterial growth on high-touch surfaces. Replace patient compartment lights in ambulances and emergency response vehicles with a full complement of Antimicrobial Lights powered by Vital Vio’s germ-fighting technology.

Code 3’s mission is to keep first responders and the citizens they serve safe with performance optimized lighting and warning solutions. Asserting that commitment, Code 3 teamed up Vital Vio to introduce the Antimicrobial Light. This partnership of engineers and scientists have developed a device that emits useful white light within a spectrum that is safe for humans and animals, but is deadly for common strains of bacteria, fungus and yeast.

Antimicrobial Light vs. UVC Radiation

Ultraviolet-C radiation can drastically reduce bacteria on high-touch surfaces but, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regularly operating consumer devices and lamps that emit this type of light are not without considerable risk. Just like the harmful effects of sunlight, UVC light can damage skin and eyesight after prolonged exposure. Further, some UVC-emitting products can produce ozone gas, which can irritate airways, making breathing difficult. Although not as critical, ultraviolet light can damage and degrade surfaces over time, particularly plastics and polymer-based materials.

Code 3’s Antimicrobial Light safely emits wavelengths within the visible light spectrum. The operating wavelengths fall into a unique band of visible light that retains similar bacteria-reducing properties found in the ultraviolet spectrum. Specifically, the light activates reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are toxic to many strains of germs and microbes. ROS’s do not have the same effect on humans or animals nor do they negatively affect their cellular structure. Antimicrobial Lights produce effective illumination all day long while providing constant protection.

Code 3 Has Your Back

From order to install and beyond, Code 3’s mission is to make sure your safety needs and expectations are met. To ensure optimal performance from this advanced technology, Code 3 will work with each customer individually to spec out the vehicle or patient compartment area. With unparalleled customer service and a five year, no-hassle warranty, customers can rely on their complement of Antimicrobial Lights to illuminate while protecting patients and first responders. When lives are on the line, Code 3’s advanced line of emergency warning and lighting products can be trusted to perform whenever and wherever you answer the next call.